Layover / Stopover Tours From Frankfurt Airport

We have temporarily paused our touring due to the Corona virus, and will resume as soon as it is once again healthy for all of us. Because we do not know how long this is going to be, we will not be taking any new reservations until we know.

If you have a long layover (7 + hours) scheduled at the Frankfurt Airport, going on a walking tour with Frankfurt on Foot, is an ideal way to spend those hours. You do not have to worry about figuring out where the train station is located, how to buy your ticket, how to get into the city and back to the airport again, or where to go and what to see. We can help you make memorable use of your time in Frankfurt.

How does this work? We come out to the Frankfurt Airport, meet you at the “Meeting Point” in whichever terminal you arrive in, ride into town on the train, and tour the city for as long as you wish, seeing and doing the things that you want to do. We personalize each tour to match your individual interests and time frame. We then make sure that you are back at the airport in time for your next flight. We use only native English speakers as guides, so there is never a problem with language. Our guides can show you the secret gems of this city, unusual and special sites, as well as concentrating on any specific themes you prefer.

Our basic Layover tour package price: 
1 person is 140 €, and each additional person is 10 €.  
Train fare is always included in the price of your tour
This tour package includes us meeting you at the airport, a 2-hour tour of the city, and bringing you back to the airport. Additional hours can be added to your tour, for 60 € per hour.  If you have a large group, (11 or more) additional hours will be 70 € per hour.

We also offer Layover sightseeing tours to Frankfurt Höchst, Mainz, Idstein, Büdingen, or the Rhine if sufficient time allows. You may also be interested in a themed tour of Frankfurt, including special tours of historic Jewish sites, the Goethe Haus, American Military history in Frankfurt, historic churches, cemeteries,  markets, or neighborhoods. Please let us know in your tour request what would interest you.

Please accept our apologies if we need to decline a tour because your layover is too short. We suggest that a layover of 7 hours be the minimum amount of time, though exceptions can be made.  

If you are interested in reserving a Layover Tour, please visit our website, where you will find our Layover Request forms and information about making a deposit to reserve your tour as well as our cancellation policies. 

Make your Layover in Frankfurt unique and memorable, with “Frankfurt on Foot Walking Tours”.


  1. Hi,I have layover transit time in FRA on 30/JAN/11, 1 PAX. Arrival: 14:55 – Terminal 1Departure: 21:10 – Terminal 1 Is there a chance to do some sightseeing (maybe Romerberg) and some time for late lunch/early dinner? What is the cost for 1 PAX, 5hrs walking or car tour?


  2. For the request for 30 Jan. We need to have your email address or your phone number so that we can contact you. The email address needs to be part of the comment, otherwise we cannot see it. We will be happy to arrange a Layover tour for you on the 30th. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Jo and David


  3. Hi, I have a layover of 12 hrs in FRA on 25-May-13 (Sat) 09:10aDeparture is at 25-May-13 (Sat) 09:30p.Is there any short site-seeing trip starting from airport?Please provide the details.Thanks,Shiwali


  4. Hi Shiwali, For layover tour requests, it is best to send us an email at info@frankfurtonfoot.comWe are fully booked though on 25 May, so we cannot offer you a tour. Please accept our regrets. Take a look at our post about the regional trains at the airport, which gives details about how to come into the city on your own.


  5. hi,I have a layover for 9 hours on oct 5, 2015 from 12pm frankfurt time. Also have 2 kids 5 and 7. Do you think they would be ok or is this tour only good for adults? are there a lot of walking? Thanks,Aalef


  6. This is a 3 hour walking tour, so from our experience it isn't really ideal for children of this age, especially after a long flight. Consider going to the Zoo, the Palmengarten, or the Senckenburg Natural History museum. These are all good activities for kids of 5 & 7.


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