Re-Opening/Restrictions in Frankfurt

Update 7 May:
For the re-opening of all of these businesses, strict hygiene practices must be followed, especially with the distancing of 1.5m
*Restaurants and cafes may re-open on 15 May
*Hotels may re-open on 15 May, as well as pensions and campgrounds
*Gyms and fitness studios may re-open on 15 May, no showers or saunas
*All stores may re-open, but follow the rules of 1 person per 20sqm.
*Members of families that live in 2 households may meet as of 9 May
*Casinos, Spielhalle, Biergarten may re-open on 15 May (discos and dance halls stay closed)
*Theater, Opera, Concert Halls may re-open on 9 May
*The Saalburg will re-open on 12 May
*Hessen Park will re-open on 13 May
*It is expected that kindergartens may re-open by 2 June
*School classes are re-opening, but check with the schools to see which classes and when
Update 5 May:
Many museums are opening again, following strict hygiene rules
*Judengasse Museum on 5 May
*Schirn on 6 May
*Städel on 9 May
*Historisch Museum on 5 May
*Film Museum on 7 May
*Archeology Museum on 5 May
*Architecture Museum on 5 May
*Museum of Applied Arts on 5 May
*Bible Museum on 13 May
*Liebieg Haus on 9 May
*Gold Kammer Museum on 12 May
*Museum of Modern Art on 16 May
*Karmeliter Cloister and Stadt Archives open on 5 May
*Frankfurt Zoo will re-open on Wed. 6 May
*Eberbach Monastery re-opened on 5 May
Update 2 May:
* Beginning Mon. 4 May in Hessen these places will be allowed to open, but with stringent hygiene rules
Museums – check websites for opening dates
Frankfurt Zoo will announce opening date soon
Opel Zoo will re-open on 4 May
The Palmengarten will re-open on 11 May
Botanischer Garden will re-open on 11 May
The Saalburg is supposed to re-open on 11 May
Special Exhibits
Hair Salons, Barbers
Nail Salons
Music Schools for classes of 5 or less
Copy Shops
Dog Salons
Tattoo Studios
Massage Practices
Check the websites for openings. They have the ok to open beginning 4 May, but they do not have to open on that date.
Update 29 April:
*Beginning Fri. 1 May (a Holiday) Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues may hold services, but with strict conditions. 1.5-meters between people unless they are family members. Hand sanitizer must be easily available to everyone. No collection basket may be passed around.
* Funerals will be allowed beginning 1 May but with the same conditions as for religious services.
* Beginning 4 May, Visitors to Senior Care facilities will be allowed. Strict conditions must be followed, only close family members, 1 visit per week, 1 hour per visit. OP Masks must be worn (not cloth or self-made), 1.5-meter distance kept. Every facility must have their own hygiene concept put into place before allowing visitors, and this may not happen until later in the month.
Update 21 April:
* The entire state of Hessen will be requiring masks of some sort to be worn on public transportation and in stores, beginning Mon. 27 April.
* Eis salons may open for street sales, but orders must be in cups and not cones.
Update 14 April for loosening of Restrictions beginning 3 May:
* Contact between groups is still limited to 2 people, except for families
* It is still recommended to wear masks in public
* Festivals and large gatherings are banned until 31 Aug.
* Hair Salons and Barbers may open beginning 4 May
* Some school classes may begin starting 27 April
* Churchs, Synagogues, and Mosques are not allowed to have services but may stay open for individuals
* Small stores (800sqm and smaller) may reopen on 20 April, with strict rules for # of customers and good social distance of 1.5 m.
* Restaurants, cafes, bars remain closed for dining but are allowed delivery and take-out services.
As of 14 March:
The city of Frankfurt announced that the Palmengarten, the Botanical Garden, the Zoo, all Museums, the Stadt Archive and the Carmeliter Cloister, the English Theater, the Alte Oper, Mouson Theatre, Stadtische Bühne, the Leather Museum in Offenbach, and all Flea Markets will be closed from Sat. 14 March until Fri. 10 April.
The schools and daycares in Hessen are closed.
If you are taking the bus, you must get on at one of the rear doors and you can no longer buy a ticket from the driver.
The Saalburg Roman Fort is closed.
Hessen Park Open Air Museum is closed
As of 17 March:
Restaurants may only be open from 6-18:00.
Retail stores are closed.
Swimming pools, fitness centers, gyms, bars, clubs, discos, casinos, spielhalle are closed.
Grocery stores, pharmacies, drug stores, banks, the Post, Sparkassen, Gas Stations, and Petfood stores will stay open and may be allowed to open on Sundays.
Religious buildings like churches, synagogues, and mosques are open for individuals, but no services will be held.
Public transportation is running on a Sunday/Holiday schedule.
As of 21 March
All restaurants are closed but may offer delivery and takeout. We urge you to help keep these small local restaurants in business.
McDonald’s employees are working in Aldis to help with stocking shelves.
Bars, clubs, discos, pubs, are all closed
Groups may not be more than 5 people
Drugstores and groceries are limiting the number of certain items you can buy – Hand sanitizer, TP, flour, pasta.
As of 22 March
The number of people who may be together has been reduced to 2.
Families are exempted from this.
Hair salons and Barbershops are all closed now.
As of 17 March, Frankfurt on Foot will not be offering our 10:30 Daily Tour nor our private and layover tours due to German health restrictions about tours and groups.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause,
We are now offering gift certificates with no expiration date for purchase on our website. If you would like to buy one (or 2 or 5), simply send us an email:
Thank you, everybody, for your support during this time period.
We will try and keep you updated on any further closings or changes.