When Nature Calls or Where the Heck is a WC?



Germany doesn’t have the same amount of free public toilets as some countries, but it still helps to know where decent, clean, pay WC are located. Sometimes sinks are shared by men and women. Sometimes the cleaners are men, so don’t be shocked if they enter to mop the floors. Sometimes the cleaners on the male side are women, so again, don’t be surprised.

*MyZeil – top floor. The cost is .50€. In our opinion, one of the nicest WC in the city. Open 6 days a week from 07:00-midnight, Sun. it opens at 08:00

* Römer/Paulskirche – located on Braubachstrasse across from the Römer. The cost is .50€. Open 7 days a week. Has an elevator. Always clean, with a decent decor

* Konstablerwache – one level down from the street across from the fruit stands. Open 7 days a week. The cost is .50€. Always quite clean, this is a decent WC.

* Hauptwache – one level down from the street. Cost is .50 €. Open 7 days a week. Clean WC, but could use some renovation

* Kleinmarkthalle – one level down from the street, Hasengasse entrance. The cost is .50€. Open when the market is open. Always clean, but with odd hand dryers in the sink.

* Galeria Kaufhof – several locations, top floor at the restaurant is the nicest. Cost is .50 €

* Karstadt – several locations, top floor at the restaurant is the largest. Cost is .50 €

* Hauptbahnhof – 2 locations. 1 is at the food court which is floor level & 1 is near tracks 9-10 which is one level down with steps.  Cost is 1€. You get a coupon to use for either your next visit which will then cost just .50 € or use it to purchase items that cost 2.50€ or more in the Hauptbahnhof. Usually very clean, but sometimes there are lines.

* Skyline Plaza – cost is .50 €

* Höchst Train Station – On your right when you exit. Odd little place, with lamps and flowers, but clean. Open every day, usually from 6-18:00. Cost is .50 €

* Cafe’s and Restaurants – buy something and you can use the WC. You can also just ask what it costs to use the WC. Often they just tell you it is free, but around the Römer area, they won’t.

* Hotels & Museums – Always worth a try. Small hotels may refuse you.

* Festivals – Most festivals have decent WC trailers. Cost is .50€