New – Themed Tours

We are now offering 9 themed tours, with a maximum of 8 participants on each tour. All tours are in English.

RSVP by email:
Please send us your name and contact details so that we can comply with the regulations in Hessen. We will delete your details after 3 weeks.

All tours except for the Original Tour cost 10 € per person
The Original Tour is 14€ for adults and 12 € for Seniors, Students, and Military.
Kids under 12 are free.

* Main Cemetery Tour – Come explore one of the most beautiful spots in Frankfurt and learn about German cemetery culture as well as the history. We will visit the American Kinderfeld, go inside a Mausoleum, visit the war graves and the long, crypt hall, as well as many other interesting sites. You will want to bring your camera.
Meet at the main entrance on Eckenheimerlandstr., U-5 stops here/Parking lot
14 July – 17:30
19 July – 13:00
24 July – 17:30

* Alt Stadt Tour – Frankfurt’s New Alt Stadt has become one of the top attractions in the city. Do you know why? Join our tour and find out. Does anyone live here? What used to be here before they built this and what the heck is a Franconoford?
Meet in front of the Alte Nikolai on the Römerberg (red & white church with green spire)
10 July – 18:30

* Jewish Heritage Tour – Frankfurt has a long, sometimes troubled history with its’ Jewish citizens. Join our tour as we travel back in time and follow the path of Jewish culture in Frankfurt. We will include a visit to the Medieval Cemetery which dates back to 1270 and visit the location of the 1st enclosed Jewish Ghetto in Europe.
Meet in front of the Kaiserdom (Big red Church next to Dom/Römer parking garage) (men need a hat)
12 July – 13:00
26 July – 13:00

* “Walking the Wall” – Frankfurt converted its medieval wall into a beautiful park and then filled it with all kinds of interesting things, from the smallest monument to an international sundial, as well as the Alte Oper, and monuments to Schiller, Heinrich Heine & Beethoven, and many other pieces of public art. Walk with us around the entire perimeter of the inner city of Frankfurt and enjoy 2 hours of leafy greenness as well as some cool pieces of art.
Meet in front of the Euro Symbol, Willy Brandt Platz
11 July – 10:30

* Jewish Cemetery, Rat-Beil Strasse  – Begun in 1828, this beautiful, old, Jewish cemetery has some of the most famous people in Frankfurt buried here, the Rothschild family, Paul Ehrlich, Henry & Emma Budge, and Bertha Pappenheim, as well as WWI soldiers.
Meet at the entrance, Rat-Beil Str.  (men need to wear a hat)
8 July – 10:30
16 July – 10:30

* Frankfurt in the 3rd Reich
What was it like to live in Frankfurt from 1933-1945? Who were the Hitler Youth? What groups were persecuted? How did Frankfurt prepare for war? Was there any resistance? Why was the city bombed? We will see the Gestapo Jail, visit some of the Holocaust Memorials, and a site of German resistance and learn about what happened here.
Meet in front of the Alte Nikolai on the Römerberg (red & white church with green spire)
18 July – 10:30
30 July – 18:30

* JFK, Berlin Airlift & the DM – America and Frankfurt have had some very special connections. What better time to celebrate this then on the 57th Anniversary of JFK’s visit to Frankfurt? It is also the 72nd Anniversary of the Berlin Airlift and the DM. What about Elvis, William Penn, and Mary Todd Lincoln? They were all here in Frankfurt, but why?
Meet in front of the Alte Nikolai on the Römerberg (red & white church with a green spire
13 July – 18:30
23 July – 18:30

* Medieval Churches of Frankfurt – The inner ring of the city has several, beautiful, medieval churches – The Kaiserdom, the Alte Nikolai, Liebfrauen Church, St. Leonhard’s, and the Deutsche Orden. We will show you what makes each church unique as well as why it was built. You will need a mask to enter the churches. St. Leonhard’s may not be open, but we will view it from the outside if that is the case.
Meet in front of the Alte Nikolai on the Römerberg (red & white church with a green spire)
7 July – 13:00

* Original Frankfurt Tour – This tour follows the same route and concept of our former Daily Tour, but will only take place on weekends. The tour lasts 3.5-4 hours and includes the Kaiserdom, Alt Stadt, Alte Nikolai, the Karmeliter Cloister, Eschenheimer Turm, Judengasse, and Holocaust Memorial, Alte Oper, and the Klein Markt Halle (not on Sun. or holidays) You will need a mask to enter the buildings.

Though walk-ups without a reservation are ok, if the tour is full, you may not be able to join us. So to ensure a spot, please RSVP by email:
Meet on Braubachstrasse 41, in front of the Binding Schirn Pub.
13 July – 10:00  (new date)
18 July – 10:00
19 July – 10:00
25 July – 10:00
26 July – 10:00