New Covid 19 Restrictions

Because the rate of infections has rapidly increased, Germany has instituted new regulations. Beginning 2 Nov. and now extended to 10 Jan. These regulations supersede some of those from 19 Oct.

*Restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, kneipen, will be closed except for delivery or take-out

* Museums, Castles, Zoos, and Animal Parks are closed

*All events that are for entertainment purposes are canceled, both outside and inside. Private events outside of your own home are not allowed

*Gyms, Fitness studios, Swimming pools, Saunas will close. Sport Clubs/Verein may not meet to practice. Individual sports like Jogging or biking are allowed

*In public, only 2 households may be together, with a maximum of 5 people. Desired is to have as little contact as possible with those who are not in your household. For Christmas, the amount of people increases to 10.

*Theaters, Opera, Movie Theaters, Amusement parks, Spielhalle, Casinos will be closed.

*Hotels are closed except for those on emergency trips

*Cosmetic studios, Massage Practices, and Tattoo Studios must close.

*Hair Salons and Barbers may remain open. Physical Therapy is allowed as are all Dr. and Dentist offices.

*Stores and markets will remain open but with strict limits of customers in the store, 1 customer per 10sqm for smaller stores or 20sqm for large stores.

*Schools, kindergartens and Kitas remain open

*Religious services stay the same, masks must be worn, social distance must be kept.


In Frankfurt, these regulations are in effect since 19 Oct.

Masks are required on all public transportation and all stations including underground stations, bus and tram stops:

* Sale of Alcohol from 23:00-06:00 is forbidden, beginning 19 Oct.

* Restaurants, bars, cafes, kneipen must close by 23:00

* Plastic, see-through chin masks (popular with servers) are not valid masks and will not be accepted as such.

* Masks will be required in the entire inner city area from the Alleeringe to the Sachsenhausen train lines, as well as the following streets and the area around the Hauptbahnhof. Recommended is to wear a mask everywhere in the city.
Berger Straße, Schweizer Straße (including Schweizer Platz), Leipziger Straße, Goethestraße, Oeder Weg (from Anlagenring to Glauburgstraße), Königsteiner Straße, Münchener Straße, Kaiserstraße, Kalbächer Gasse

* Alcohol consumption in most outdoor public areas is forbidden.

Grüneburgpark, Günthersburgpark, Wallanlage (park surrounding inner city), all green spaces on the Main River banks, the Friedberger Platz, Luisenplatz, Matthias-Beltz-Platz, Kalbächer Hasse, Entire Fressgasse up to the Hauptwache, Opernplatz, Liebfrauenberg, Plaza behind the Kleinmarkthalle, Schäfergasse, Kaiserhofstraße, Bockenheimer Landstraße from Niedenau until the Opernplatz, Kettenhofweg from Niedenau to the Alte Oper, Kaisersack, Kaiserstraße, Bahnhof plaza, Taunusstraße, Münchener Straße, Elbestraße, Moselstraße, Niddastraße, Allerheiligenstraße, Zeil/Konstablerwache. Including: Alt Sachsenhausen on the Großen Rittergasse, Kleinen Rittergasse, Frankensteinerstraße, Paradiesgasse and Paradieshof, Klappergasse, Neuer Wall, Affentorplatz.

Important: At the Farmers Markets, no alcohol will be served for immediate consumption, nor may food be eaten in the market area.

* Gatherings in private homes and spaces will be limited to persons from 2 households, maximum of 5 people.

* Private gatherings outside will be limited to 5 persons from only 2 households. Children under 14 are not counted in this total number of 5.

* Masks must be worn in Religious institutions, such as Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues.

* Masks are required in all stores and on all forms of public transportation. Those who are not wearing a mask or who are not wearing it properly (nose not covered, for example) will be fined 60€.

* In cars, if there are more than 2 people from more than 2 households, masks must be worn.

* Those who work in day cares. kindergarten, or kitas, receive free testing every 2 weeks.

* The Frankfurt Christmas Market has been canceled as well as most Christmas markets in Germany as well as other countries. Check the websites for other countries.