2020-2021 Covid-19 Restrictions

Lockdown restrictions have been extended until 30 June, with changes going into effect on 23 & 24 April 2021

FFP2 masks are now required on public transportation, in hair salons, barbers, and foot care practices

Negative Covid tests, not older than 24 hours will be required at hair salons, barbers, foot care practices, Zoos, and the Palmengarten. Children under 6 are not required to have a test.

The Covid quick tests must be from official testing centers, not the quick tests that you do at home.

Nightly curfew is 22:00-05:00. Walks and jogging is permitted from 22:00-midnight. Essential workers are exempted from this curfew, going to and from their work place.

Castles and monuments are closed

Hessen Park and the Saalburg are closed

All tourist activities are closed

Fitness centers, gyms, pools, are closed

Museums will stay closed as of 29 March.

Zoos may stay open, but only the open-air sections. Entry is only allowed with a negative Covid test less than 24 hours old.

“Click and meet” at stores will no longer be possible starting 29 Mar. They will revert back to “Click and Collect”

Baumarkt are now “Click and Collect” only.

No public gatherings

Religious services should be online only, but this is not a must, only strongly suggested. Singing is not allowed

1 household may meet with 1 person from a 2nd household, children under 14 do not count in this maximum


Hair salons and Barbers may re-open on 1 March.
*Starting 8 March,

*Bookstores and Garden Centers may re-open.
*Retail stores (1 customer per 40sqm) with appointment-only visits. (this ended on 29 March)
*2 Households with a maximum of 5 persons may meet. (kids under 14 do not count in the total sum)
*Free tests are available at least once a week.
*Update, on 8 March, Zoos, Botanical Gardens, and Museums may re-open with reserved entry only. Check websites for exact dates and to make your reservation
*Fitness studios may open with an appointment and 1 person per 40sqm

*By the end of March, beginning April, vaccines should be available from your GP

*If the infection rates increase over 3 days, the easing of the lock-down will quickly reverse.


Regulations as of 16 Dec. 2020

*Masks in stores and on public transportation will have to be either the medical masks or the FFP2 masks. Medical masks are widely available in stores. (Bavaria requires FFP2)

* All retail stores will stay closed.

*Stores and Farmers markets selling food are open, this includes drugstores like Rossmans, DM, etc.

*Restaurants, cafes, bistros are closed except for delivery and take out

*Private meetings in public are limited to only 1 person besides your own household. Children under 14 do not count. Recommended is to keep the number of persons (1-5) besides your own household to a minimum when meeting privately at home.

*Doctors, Dentists, Opticians, Hearing Aid Stores, Physical Therapy, Medical Foot Care, Logotherapy and Ergotherapy stay open.

*All events that are for entertainment purposes are canceled, both outside and inside. Private events outside of your own home are not allowed

*Gyms, Fitness studios, Swimming pools, Saunas will close. Sport Clubs/Verein may not meet to practice. Individual sports like Jogging or biking are allowed

*No consumption of Alcohol in public

*Theaters, Opera, Movie Theaters, Amusement parks, Spielhalle, Casinos will be closed.

*Hotels are closed except for those on emergency trips

*Hair Salons, Barbers, Cosmetic studios, Massage Practices, and Tattoo Studios must close.

*Religious services stay the same, masks must be worn, social distance must be kept.

*Museums, Castles, Zoos, and Animal Parks are closed

What stays open? Gas stations, Car and Bike Repair, Pick-up and Delivery Services, Banks, Post Office, Dry Cleaners, Laundromats, Newspaper Sellers, Animal Feed Stores.


In Frankfurt, these regulations went into effect 19 Oct.

Masks are required on all public transportation and all stations including underground stations, bus and tram stops:

* Sale of Alcohol from 23:00-06:00 is forbidden, beginning 19 Oct.

* Plastic, see-through chin masks (popular with servers) are not valid masks and will not be accepted as such.

* Masks will be required in the entire inner city area

*Important: At the Farmers Markets, no food may be eaten in the market area.

* Masks must be worn in Religious institutions, such as Churches, Mosques, Temples, Synagogues.

* Masks are required in all stores and on all forms of public transportation. Those who are not wearing a mask or who are not wearing it properly (nose not covered, for example) will be fined 60€.

* In cars, if there are more than 2 people from more than 2 households, masks must be worn.

* Those who work in day cares. kindergarten, or kitas, receive free testing every 2 weeks.