Halloween at Burg Frankenstein

The most unique way to celebrate Halloween in Germany?
Burg Frankenstein near Darmstadt and Eberstadt, is the place to be, from 21 Oct. – 6 Nov. but especially on the nights of Oct. 30 & 31. Tickets for weekend dates sell out quickly, so order them in time. There are seldom tickets for sale onsite, so we do recommend ordering them online.

Celebrating Halloween at Burg Frankenstein was highly popular with the 1000’s of American troops that were once stationed all around the Rhein-Main area for the last 41 years. Many of those bases are closed now, but Germans in this area get just as much of a thrill from Halloween at Burg Frankenstein as the Americans used to.

Burg Frankenstein is an old castle ruin from the 1200’s, that sits on top of a hill/mountain with a great overlook. Surrounded by forests, it becomes the ideal place for a haunted evening. For those of you who like the chills and thrills of this kind of thing, this is the perfect place to experience letting your screams out. Monsters, Ghouls, Vampires and Were-Wolves populate the castle on during Halloween. If you are traveling with teens, it is an easy decision to visit here for Halloween. The coolness factor of them being able to go back home and tell their friends they were in the “Real” Frankenstein Castle and how scary it was, will certainly earn you a few brownie points in the “best parents” contest.

There are also some scary dinners, and though all in German, this might be fun to attend. The link has this info only in German.

Do be aware that children need to be 14 and older to attend the evening “festivities” and with a parent if they are between 14-16.

You need to park your car at the official parking lot (Toom Baumarkt Pfungstadt) and then ride the free shuttle buses up to the castle. This is the only way to get there. If you are taking public transportation, there is also a stop near where the buses pick people up at the parking lots. Information in English, is on the website about where to go with the train and where the parking lots are located.

If you have smaller children, but still would like to visit here during the Halloween season, Burg Frankenstein offers children’s afternoons on Sundays from 12:00- 19:00, that are not so scary.
Children need to be 7 and older. 
No dogs are allowed.
The website switches to English, but please write if you have questions.

Tickets can be booked beginning 1 August. If you want tickets for Halloween night, I would get them as soon as possible. Weekend nights sell out quickly too.

Tickets and program

If you are here at times other than Halloween, you can still visit the ruins as Burg Frankenstein is open all year round. There is also a cafe with an outside terrace and a very pretty view, just a short stroll away from the castle.

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