Main Tower Observation Deck


If you are going to be in Frankfurt, the only city in Germany with a skyline, then it is well worth your time to visit the observation deck in the Main Tower located at 200 meters or the 54th floor. If it is a somewhat clear day outside, we always recommend to the people on our “Frankfurt on Foot” walking tours to take a ride to the top. You get an amazing view and it is almost impossible to take a bad picture from up here. They all will look great! Why not take a picnic lunch while you enjoy the view? Sunsets are particularly spectacular from this height. This is a perfect stop to include on your private tour.

One of the nice things about the Main Tower is that all around the edge of the observation deck, they have a silhouette of whatever important building, etc., you are looking at, and it tells you the name of it. This is really good for getting orientated to where things are in the city. One of the most amazing buildings you will see is a huge, long, yellowish building out in the direction of the Taunus Mountains (you can see it in the photo). This is the I.G Farben building. At the time it was built, it was the largest building in Europe. After the war, it became Allied Headquarters and Eisenhower had his office there, but today it is Goethe University. If you have time, go take a walk through it.

The Main Tower has a restaurant and bar just a floor or so below the observation deck, and they are one of the “Top Ten” of Frankfurt, in the exclusive restaurant category. You will need reservations for the restaurant and a few Euro too! Perfect spot for an anniversary or other special occasion.

If you are going up in the tower, there is an entrance fee and you will also need to go through a security check at the entrance. Fortunately, they are open 7 days a week
Summer: Sun.-Th. 10:00 – 21:00   Fri. and Sat. 10:00-23:00
Winter: Sun.- Th. 10:00-19:00     Fri. and Sat. 10:00-21:00
My recommendation is to go up right before dusk and then stay there until it gets dark. It is absolutely gorgeous when you see the city spread out before you with all the lights.

Prices for 2023
9€ for adults
6.00 € for children & Seniors

The Exhibit area is also open M-F from 08:00-20:00 Sat.& Sun. 10:00-16:00

There is some absolutely stunning artwork in this building. Make sure you see Stephan Huber’s work, “Frankfurt Stairway XXth Century” which is a huge mosaic of famous Frankfurt citizens. See if you can find Anne Frank in their midst. On the Main Tower website, they have photos of all the artwork, so make sure you check it out.

You can usually see people up there, but if you don’t then they may have closed the observation deck due to bad weather.

If you aren’t quite sure which building it is, look for the round building that says “Helaba” and has a red & white pole on top. It is right around the corner from the Alte Oper.

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