Frankfurt Farmer Markets

All year long, on almost a daily basis, except for Sunday and Monday, there will be an open produce market in the neighborhoods or downtown Frankfurt. For ease in writing, I am saying produce, but there are also stands selling breads, cheeses, meats, seafood, flowers, wine, deli items, hand-made wood items, jewelry, spices, scarves, or sheepskins & other wool products.
The vendors set up quite early in the morning and will always have the same spot. These markets are VERY popular with the residents of Frankfurt. The one in Bornheim is held twice a week on Wed. and Sat. and is one of the largest.

Going to the Schiller Strasse near the Stock Market on Fridays is a unique experience. The market runs the entire length of the street and there are many stands selling grilled foods, Gruene Sosse, sandwiches, honey waffles, roast pork, soups, and of course wursts of all kinds. All the tables will be filled with bankers, stock exchange traders, and secretaries having lunch, or after-work get-togethers. The “Frankfurt on Foot” walking tour visits this market on Fridays.

The Konstablerwache market held on Thurs. and Sat. is immensely popular with the local residents of Frankfurt, eating tasty sausages, cheeses, or pastries. This is strictly a local produce market, so you won’t find any oranges at this one, just products from the local farms near Frankfurt, such as cheese, meats, apples, herbs, potatoes, meats, honey, and more.

An extra treat at the market in Höchst held on Tues. Fri, & Sat. is the wonderful market hall, a bit like the Klein Markt Halle in Frankfurt, but with more local products. It is only open in conjunction with the market days in Hoechst. This market opens at 07:00 and closes at 13:00.

There are also markets in Sachsenhausen, Bockenheim, Friedberger Nordend, Höchst, Südbahnhof, Friedberger Warte on Tues., Rödelheim next to the train station on Wed., Dornbusch on Tues. & Neu Isenberg on Sat. 

There is a small market on the Kaiser Strasse near the Hauptbahnhof on Tues. & Thurs.

Flower Market at Liebfrauenberg on Fridays. (closed over winter)

Many of the stands will have local produce or meat from their own farms, mostly organic, in German known as “Bio”. The best part about the markets is the way they sell seasonal produce. When it is asparagus (spargel) season, all the tables will be piled high with white asparagus, though you can also get green or violet. Strawberry and cherry season are very highly awaited too. One gorges oneself on the stuff for about a month and then you wait until next year for the next harvest. Apples, broccoli, artichokes, plums, nectarines, or mushrooms, all have a season, but not with the same hype as the asparagus, strawberries, and cherries.

The vendors put their produce on sale near the end of the day and one can get GREAT bargains, plus it is fun to hear them shouting about the bargains to be had. I love walking through the markets, breathing in the aromas, admiring the colors, and the lusciousness of the fresh fruits and veggies. Buying some fresh bread, a hunk of goats cheese, with a honey waffle for dessert, can really make my day. I hope you enjoy our Frankfurt markets too.

If you would like to include a visit to one of the Farmers Markets on your private or layover tour, please let us know. We will be happy to show you one of the best highlights of living in Frankfurt.


  1. Hi, I'll be visiting for 2weeks in mid February. I've always loved visiting the Farmer's Markets in every country i've visited and am especially looking forward to visiting some of the ones in Frankfurt. Do you have any recommendations for markets and produce for February?


  2. The markets in Feb. are still pretty good. If you go to the one at the Konstablerwache on Thur. and Sat. it will be all local produce. Lots of Frankfurters gather here for a glass of wine, and a snack. The one in Höchst held 3 times a week is also mainly local produce. This is a nice one, and the little market hall next to it is a great extra, as well as just being in one of my favorite neighborhoods. There you will find butchers, poultry & eggs, cheeses, pastry, spices, and more. The Klein Markt halle is always great. Many people like coming to Bornheim too, as the neighborhood is fun, with lots of cafes, etc. You really can't go wrong!


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