Easter Markets in Frankfurt and the Rhein Main Region, 2023


Have you been to an Easter Market in Germany? They are all getting ready to begin so that you can have your Easter and Spring decor before Easter on 9 April, 2023.

There are towns that have outdoor markets, like Wiesbaden  and other venues where it is strictly indoor like Eberbach or Seligenstadt due to the delicacy of the eggs, and sometimes a mix of indoor and outdoor, like Hessen Park. When you go to these, you will see why they want to keep these delicate eggs inside.

What will they have at these Easter markets? Eggs of course, but also many other items. Blown glass, baskets, ceramics, painted silk, embroidery, tin or pewter figures, boxes, and jewelry.

The most amazing thing you will see is what one can do with a simple egg and the creativity of the artists. Many of them will be demonstrating their skills during the show. Don’t be surprised when you see the prices, which can go as high as 300-400€ for a completely carved Ostrich egg. Many eggs are much more reasonable, with prices ranging from 10-25€, and then going higher depending on the number of hours that was spent making them.

Most stands prefer that you not touch the eggs and will also have signs saying no photography. If they don’t have a sign, it is polite to ask permission first before taking photos.

* Wiesbaden Easter Market – 24-26.03
* Medieval Easter Market at Ronneburg Castle – 25-26.03 & 1-2.04
* Hessen Park Easter Market – 1-2.04

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