The Frankfurt Palmengarten

The Palmengarten has re-opened and is celebrating its 150th Birthday.

One of the favorite spots for tourists to visit after their Frankfurt on Foot walking tour is the Frankfurt Palmengarten. Any time of the year is a good time, but especially on Mondays when the museums are closed, or if you have kids. A gorgeous oasis of beauty and calm, located right in the middle of the city, this a wonderful space to spend the afternoon. First opened in 1871, the Palm House, which is the first main building you come to, has recently been restored and beckons to you to come inside.

The entire park is beautifully laid out, with open spaces for relaxing, a musical amphitheater for concerts, a pond for rowing which is home to dozens and dozens of turtles, as well as ducks, a small train, playgrounds for the kids and then, of course, there are the different houses and gardens. You just walk from one climate to the next as many of the houses are connected, so you can go from the tropics to the desert, to the subarctic. Separate houses are the Alpine House, the Bloom House, and there is also an outdoor cactus garden. As you walk through the park area, you will come upon the Meadow Garden, the Stone Garden, the Rhododendron Garden, and of course the Rose Garden. They have been working on this the past few years and so far have planted 4000 new rose bushes. They even have an Aroma Garden, which is heavenly.

Their Butterfly house is taking a break right now so that the new caterpillars can rest and become butterflies.  It will re-open in the fall.

During the summer, they have a musical program which is quite popular to go to after work, with many different themes – Jazz, World Music, Chamber Orchestra, Promenade Concert, & Summer in the City. In June they have a Rose and Light Festival which is extremely popular, especially with photographers as they have thousands of tea-light candles laid out in designs through the park. Fall, Christmas, and Spring all have special exhibits that highlight that season.

The Palmengarten is open daily: Feb.- Oct. from 09:00 – 18:00
Nov. – Jan. from 09:00 – 16:00
Special Hours over New Years’. Check their website

Prices: 7 € for Adults, 2 € for kids
During selected events, the price may increase

The website switches to English, though not all of the information about the Palmengarten is translated. I recommend that you click on the German pages to see all the photos and lists of events and concerts. This is a great place to come with the kids and it is easy to spend hours here, especially if you have brought a picnic lunch. The Cafe Siesmayer offers cakes, coffee, for take-out.

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  1. The Palmengarten is one of the nicest spots in Frankfurt. There is something about listening to classical or baroque music in the middle of the gardens. I visited all too infrequently when I lived in Frankfurt. Now I miss it.


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