What to do on Mondays in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt, like most cities in Germany, have many of their museums and art galleries closed on Mondays. So, a question that we often hear during our “Frankfurt on Foot” walking tours is

“What can we do on Mondays?”

* Walk across the Alte Brucke going to Sachsenhausen and visit the Deutsche Ordenskirche (Teutonic Order of Knights Church) located next to the Ikon Museum. Built in 1309 and suffering very little damage in the war, this church has some wonderful old altars along the walls. Interesting wall friezes of the life of St. Elizabeth and the story of St.George slaying the dragon. Presently open in the afternoons.
* Check out the massive scale model of Frankfurt located in the atrium of the Stadtplanungsdezernat Amt. This is in the same building as the Judengasse Museum, located on Kurt Schumacher Str. Great way to orient yourself in Frankfurt. Open weekdays, 9-5
* View the Jörg Ratgeb wall paintings in the Karmeliter Cloister, which are open weekdays from 10:00-17:00, Weekends open at 11:00. Always free. Located on Bethmannstrasse, right around the corner from the Römer and next to the Archeology Museum. Recommend renting one of the audio guides for detailed info.
* Visit the Palmengarten, open 365 days a year.
* Go to the Botanical Garden, always free. (closed after 31 Oct.)
* The Frankfurt Zoo, open 365 days a year (get your reserved time slot online)
* Experimenta – Science Museum, Mon. hours – 9-18:00, Hamburger Allee 22-24
* Senckenberg Natural History Museum – Great dinosaurs, fascinating exhibits for the kids, but adults will enjoy it too.
* Stroll through the Klein Markt Halle. Buy a tasty sausage, some Belgian chocolates, a  vegan salad, some Green Sauce, or a yummy pastry and get some great fruit and veggie photos.
* The Kaiserdom, Liebfrauen Church and the Alte Nikolai are always open (Mass is at 12:30 weekdays in the Kaiserdom)
* Visit the neighborhood of Hoechst, which has a multitude of lovely half-timbered houses and some great German restaurants
* Window shop around all the galleries that fill the neighborhood around the Kaiserdom.
* Explore the neighborhoods of Bornheim, Bockenheim, Sachsenhausen, Nordend, Bergen, and Westend. You may be pleasantly surprised at all the beautiful, old architecture that is here in Frankfurt. Streets to stroll down – Berger Strasse, Schweizer Strasse, Oeder Weg, Leipziger Strasse, Wall Strasse.
* Visit the Grueneburg Park next door to the I.G. Farben building. Nestled in the trees is a lovely Greek Orthodox church that looks like a jewel sitting there.
* Just a few blocks from Konstablerwache, is Bethmann Park, with a lovely Chinese Garden and beautiful seasonal flowers planted throughout the park. The Berger Str. runs next to this park.
* Visit the main cemetery, the Hauptfriedhof. The gorgeous, park-like setting is beautiful no matter the season. Take the U-5 which stops right in front.

All of these spots are also ideal places to visit during a private tour. Just let us know what you would like to see.

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