Great German Restaurants in Frankfurt


The most common question on our tours? Where can we get tasty, traditional German food and where are the best applewine pubs?

Having lived in Frankfurt for a very long time, we have visited our share of German/Frankfurt-style restaurants. These are our favorites that we come back to again, and again, and again.

Dauth-Schneider – Don’t let the unusual name fool you, this place rocks when it comes to delicious Frankfurt & German-style food. Located in the Sachsenhausen Applewine Pub district, they have traditionally decorated indoor seating and tons of outdoor seating. Even on weeknights, they have a large, friendly wait staff bustling around taking care of an amazingly busy restaurant. Once I saw the beautifully prepared, gigantic portions being delivered to neighboring tables, I knew this was a place I was going to visit again, just to try everything on the menu and so I have dined here dozens and dozens of times. They have great prices too. The food tastes as excellent as it looks, proving you CAN judge a book by its cover occasionally. We sometimes end up here after our Frankfurt on Foot daily tour, if everyone is hungry and wants to come to Sachsenhausen. Just give a shout-out if you want to come over here too.

Atschel – Located on the Wall Strasse in Sachsenhausen, this traditional restaurant offers all the tasty, Frankfurt specialties you could want. From Grüne sosse, to Frankfurt Schnitzel, Rippchen with Kraut, or Handkäse with Music, all are made with care and you can taste the difference. You will probably sit at long tables with others, and in the evenings, the place can be quite crowded. It pays to get there early, so you can get a spot. The schnitzels here may possibly be the best ones I have had in Frankfurt. You can hear them in the kitchen, preparing these schnitzels, so you know they are fresh and not something frozen tossed in the fryer.

Other notable restaurants in Bornheim – Apfelwein Solzer has a lovely applewine garden for dining outside and very traditional decor for dining inside. This is located on the upper Berger Strasse. A bit off the Berger strasse area is Malepartus. Good food and with a cozy German decor, this restaurant is popular with the Bornheim residents.

Zum Bären – Located in Frankfurt Höchst, this restaurant offers a delicious local menu, as well as one of the prime locations in town. Sitting up on the ancient city walls that overlook the Höchster Schloss, their tables in good weather are always full. Cold weather though,  allows you the chance to sit inside the traditionally decorated restaurant and smell the wonderful aromas coming out of the kitchen.

Zum Schwan – Also located in Höchst, they combine a more modern interior with a rustic feel and serve up a great schnitzel and Green Sauce.

More restaurants as suggested by our FB fans:

Schreiber Heynes Proletariat on Dreieichstraße
Lorsbacher Thal, in old Sachsenhausen
Ebbelwoi Unser
Apfelwein Dax
Ginnheimer Wirtshaus
Das Oosten
Mainlust in Schwanheim
My Frankfurt
Fichte Kranzi
Friedberger Warte
Seppche- Frankfurter Hof
Alt Frankfurt

If you would like to come to one of these restaurants to eat during your private tour, please let us know, and we will be happy to bring you to one of them.

These are just our own personal reviews though, and we can’t take responsibility for any dining experiences that differ from ours. There are many other excellent German restaurants in Frankfurt, but these are the ones that stood out for us and represented some of the best Frankfurt-style food.

Guten Apetit!

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