Pumpkin & Apple Farms

When the beautiful autumn weather arrives in Germany, with that special aroma of fall in the air and the crisp crunch of leaves underfoot, our thoughts often turn to pumpkins, gourds, apples and Halloween. These are few farms near Frankfurt and Wiesbaden where you can go find that special pumpkin and stock up on fresh apples for pies and snacking. Check their websites for special events happening in Sept. & Oct.

Pauls Bauernhof  offers not only pumpkins, but also lots of other fresh veggies at their farm store. It isn’t a pumpkin patch, but they have wonderful fresh produce.
Pauls Bauernhof Website

The Goldgrund Pumpkin Patch is nearby in Huenfelden-Nauheim. They are open Mon-Sat from 16:00-19:00. They also have a corn maze.

This Pumpkin Patch is a bit farther away, but still accessible by car from Frankfurt as it is near Giessen. This is the Kuerbis Hof Mueller in Langgoens. They are open Th.& Fri. from 14:00-19:00 and Sat. from 10:00-19:00. If you have a group and would like to make a private visit on other days or times, it looks like they will accommodate you if you make prior reservations. Email: info@kuerbishof-mueller.de

If you just want to buy a pumpkin to carve, most of the grocery stores, like Rewe or Penny Markt have them for around 3 euro. If you want eating pumpkins, to make pies, breads, soups, etc. all of the Farmers Markets as well as the grocery stores have them in abundance. The most popular are the Hokaido Pumpkins, as you don’t need to peel them!

Additionally, you might want to go pick apples. Give this place a try, located near Mainz.

Happy Pumpkin Hunting!

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