SaTOURday, Free Museum Day in Frankfurt


SaTOURday is held the last Saturday of each month when many of the museums of Frankfurt are free.

The next scheduled SaTOURday is:   29 April and then again on 27 May

Children from 6-18 receive free entry every day, to the same museums that are free on SaTOURday.

        Free Museums on SaTOURday

*Archeology Museum  *Jewish Museum *Historic Museum  *Judengasse Museum  *Ikon Museum  *Museum of Applied Arts  *Museum of Modern Art (3 locations!)   *World Culture Museum   *Dom Museum  *Caricature Museum

You still need to pay to get into the following museums:

*Goethe Haus  *Communication Museum  *Senckenburg Museum of Natural History *Palmengarten  *Liebieg Haus  *Schirn  *Bible Haus Museum  *Städel  *Film Museum *Romantic Museum  *Dialog in the Dark

* The Leather Museum in Offenbach offers free entry on the 1st Saturday of the month. Great exhibits about the history of shoes!   Leather Museum 

(the photo is from the Historic Museum)

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