The Frankfurt Kaiserdom, St. Bartholomews

One of the stops on many of our tours, is the Kaiserdom, where we go inside and show you some of the treasured artwork of the church and tell you about the history of this Imperial Church. The Kaiserdom in Frankfurt has always been one of Frankfurts most notable and famous landmarks through-out the centuries. There are a lot of gorgeous churches in Germany and there are certainly ones that are larger, but historically, we have the most important one. Why? Because this was where the German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors were elected and crowned for centuries. Join one of our tours to learn more!

If you visit the Dom during the week, you may see some school groups electing an Emperor and holding a coronation, followed with a procession down to the Römer, with blaring trumpets and all.

There are a lot of interesting treasures in the Dom and we recommend buying one of the small books describing them, for 4€ at the museum located near the main door. Entrance to the Dom itself is always free, except for concerts, and they do limit access during services. The organ is magnificent and one of the largest in Germany, so you might want to go to services there to hear it, or attend one of the many concerts held through-out the year. Short tours are held every day at 15:00 for 4 €, but they are in German. If you have a group, they will do one in English for 45 €. Friday is cleaning day, and they close the gates at the main entrance until around 12:00, but you can still see inside the church. The Kaiserdom has Mass on weekdays at 12:30. On Sunday, services are held in German and Croatian and you probably won’t be able to enter until about 13:30.


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