Bornheim – Upper Berger Strasse

Once you walk past the market area  located at the Uhr Turmchen (clock tower), you enter what is known as the “upper Berger Strasse” and it is up here that you will find some of the original half-timbered buildings from the 1600’s. Some of these are Applewine Gardens, like “Apfelwein Solzer” or other small restaurants. When you see “Dunkers” wine cellar, make sure to go inside as it is well worth a look as well as a good glass of wine in an original wine cellar. When you get to the very end of the Berger Strasse, you will find lots of little gardens that people rent. This is a pleasant area to stroll through.

Spring and summer days and evenings are the best time to visit the Berger Strasse. All the cafes and pubs have outside seating and the streets are packed with tables, everyone enjoying themselves. Once dusk arrives, all the tables will have candles or lanterns on them and it is so pretty. Many of the restaurants have great German food and it is the perfect place to sit, people watch and strike up a conversation with your table mates. Italian ice cream salons are in abundance along here. This is your chance to stop and finally try a “spaghetti ice”.

The Berger Strasse has wonderful street festivals every summer, both an “upper Berger Strasse” and a “lower Berger Strasse” fest. The “Bernemer Kerb” parade in August is a ton of fun and one of the most interesting parades you will ever see.

Most of the buildings in Bornheim were built around 1900 and are very desirable for apts. Many people want to live in an “Altbau” apt. These have 12 foot ceilings, often lovely wooden floors, wide baseboards, original door fittings, and balconies. Set aside some time to just walk around these neighborhoods and admire the architecture.

Bornheim has a funny kind of history too. Back before 1806, it was outside of the city walls, and because of its’ applewine pubs, was a desirable place to visit on a weekend. It was known as the “lustige dorf” or Merry Village, a place where you would go and drink lots of applewine, dance in the streets, and be kind of silly. The women were known to be a bit “merrier” here and always ready for a fun time.

When you come to Frankfurt, you definitely need to walk through Bornheim and stop for awhile to enjoy this neighborhood and get a real feel for both Germany and Frankfurt. We highly recommend adding Bornheim to your private tour agenda for a completely different look at Frankfurt.

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