Frankfurt Flea Markets

The Frankfurt Flea Market switches locations every other weekend, either along the river starting at the Eisener Steg bridge on the Sachsenhausen side of the river or on Lindley Str. at the East Harbor.

The Flea Market at the East Harbor (Osthafen) is easy to get to, just take the #11 tram from the Römer (our tour meeting point) to Lindley Strasse. This is about a 5-minute ride from the Römer.

One is expected to bargain, and the later in the day it gets, the better the bargains get, as long as you don’t mind risking losing that special treasure you had your eye on.
Frankfurt Flea Market

There are other flea markets held in Frankfurt, most notably at the Bornheim Saalbau, the Eisporthalle parking lot, Jahrhunderthalle, and various churches and kindergartens. There are often Antique or Trödel markets combined with these and one of my favorite places to buy German souvenirs. People don’t have yard sales or garage sales, so this is the best way to find all kinds of stuff. Check back here for dates, or check on our Facebook Fan page.

For an indoor flea market that is open every day except Sundays, located at Gluckstrasse 8,
Leipold Markt

Another indoor flea market that is open M-Sat. from 12-19:00 in Bockenheim, on Schloßstrasse 7-9
raus-aus-dem-keller flea market

For lists of flea markets, antique markets, etc. going on in neighborhoods and in Frankfurt itself:
Flea Markets

Oh, and the German name for Flea Market – “Floh Markt”


  1. Hey,I've just moved to Frankfurt and am super happy to find your blog..IN ENGLISH :)Ive been looking for info on the flea markets here in Frankfurt cause i want to eventually put up a stall.Question : is most of the stuff sold at this place second hand? or is there actually a possibilty to find new things. I make a load of crochet stuff and also wanna put silk up for sale… so wondering if this is the place i should look at.Also a friend in Frankfurt would be grand.:)ThanksRoshini


  2. Have never sold anything at the Flea Markets, so am unfamiliar with their rules. Try and ask some of the vendors that are selling similar items. I know some items there are new, but I don't know if you need a special permit or license for that. Sorry I couldn't help more. – Jo


  3. Have a look at this website and under the word Sonntag, which is Sunday in German, you will find the listing for the various markets. They might be antique, or a few other catagories and in various locations like shopping malls, Jahrhunderthalle, in front of the Eissporthalle, etc. There will also be an antique market on the Konstablerwache on 30 June. This is a really good one.


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