Frankfurt and the City Bees

Those of you who have been on our Frankfurt on Foot Walking Tours, may have heard us talk about the City Bees of Frankfurt. We hope you will find these links to be of interest. As soon as the flowers begin to bloom, the City Bees start buzzing around Frankfurt.

Amazing little creatures and so very important to our lives. We tend to give them too little attention, so I hope you enjoy reading more about the City Bees. Perhaps your own city has a similar project that you can learn more about or take part in.

The first link is in German, but they have photos and films about the city bees in Frankfurt. Some of the hotels, like the Westin and the Jumeirah have their own hives and serve the honey at breakfast. Check out the photos of the bee hives on top of the Museum of Modern Art in downtown Frankfurt which is where this project began. The 2nd and 3rd links do a great job of explaining the hows and whys of City Bees.

The Botanical Gardens which are located near the Palmengarten have a wild bee project which supports colonies of wild bees living in their natural homes – hollow tree trunks. These gardens are free, but only open from April through October.

In the Frankfurt area there are around 100 beekeepers with over 800 hives. You can buy local honey at the many Farmers Markets. This is a much higher quality honey than what you will find in a grocery store and we recommend buying this honey. You will taste the difference and know you are supporting a local business.

Frankfurt City Bees

Urban Bees Article – Spiegel

NYC Urban Beekeeping Film

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