Best Frankfurt Souvenirs

There are several places that I like to recommend when folks on our walking tours ask where they can find typical “Frankfurt Souvenirs”. These stores all offer items that are a bit different then what you would find in the regular German souvenir stores, and most are hand-made.

* Töpferei Maurer – This store is located on Wallstrasse 5 in Sachsenhausen. The owners make and paint all of their own pottery, which is done with Frankfurt designs, mostly in the gray/blue colors. I was enchanted with this store from the moment I walked in. You can order personalized items or simply pick from a wide assortment of “Bembels” the traditional apple wine jugs. All kinds of cups, mugs, pots, are also available, but they also make those beautiful little houses that you can put a candle in. I saw one of the Hauptwache that is calling to me! Check their online shop for those of you living farther away or if you just want to check prices. The photos at the top of this article are from their store.

* Kulturothek – Located in the new Alt Stadt, they have a wide assortment of very unique Frankfurt items. Like Goethe & Schiller salt and pepper shakers, a Frankfurt recipe book in English, slippers with “Frank” and “Furt” on them, wooden swords, felt crowns, wonderful knight outfits for kids, potholders, aprons, towels, and bags with Frankfurt skyline on them, all kinds of things to do with Grüne Sosse including a seed set to grow all the herbs needed, messenger bags with the map of Frankfurt on it, puzzles of Frankfurt, and my favorite – a little chest with individually wrapped cookies shaped like the Alte Oper, the Hauptbahnhof and the Römer. Kulturothek also offers a wide variety of themed tours at very low prices but in German.

* Kaufhaus Hessen – Located at 288 Berger Strasse in Bornheim, this store offers a huge variety of local products, all made in Hessen or in Frankfurt. Whether you are looking for souvenirs or perhaps local wines, jellies, honeys, or sausages, this place has it all. Truly unique items and the owners are extremely friendly and helpful.
Kaufhaus Hessen

* Topferei Bauer – Located in the new Altstadt. In business since the 1500s, they have a huge variety of houses, buildings, churches, guard towers, and many other items. Many of the buildings are of Frankfurt landmarks.

* Erzgebirge Kunsthandwerk – They have a large store on Braubach Strasse near the Römer. Here you will find Nutcrackers, Smokers, Pyramids, Cuckoo clocks, and lots of hand-made wooden ornaments.

* Teddy Bear Paradise – Found right around the corner from the Römer across from Haus Wertheim, this store is a teddy bear lovers’ dream. Though they have lots of other animals, they do specialize is bears, many of which are hand made. The staff is very friendly and helpful and a visit here is worth your time even if you don’t purchase any little friends.
Teddy Paradies

* Tia Emma – just 2 blocks from the Konstablerwache on Alte Gasse 4, this store will make you smile as you discover one cute thing after another. Ideal for kids gifts, but also for adults. Lots of stocking stuffers here.
Tia Emma

There are a couple of stores along the Dom Strasse which have very unique gift items, so when you walk out of the Kaiserdom, walk towards the Museum of Modern Art to find these great stores.

My tip is to move away from the Römer souvenir stores with their mass-produced items that may or may not have come from Germany and visit these stores for some wonderfully special, locally made gifts.

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