Geld Museum (Money Museum)

Since Frankfurt is a major, global banking city it stands to reason that there would be a money museum here. The museum is located next to the Bundesbank in the northwest area of Frankfurt in a neighborhood called Ginnheim. If you find the TV tower, this is located in the same area.

The Geld Museum is open 6 days a week (open Mondays, but closed on Saturdays) and it is always free. Nice excursion on Mondays when other museums are closed. All of the text is in English and there are categories to interest everyone! Old money, new money, counterfeit money, exchanges, what is that euro worth, history, and banking of course.

Small cafe with a little gift shop, lockers for bags and coats and they do a lot of talks for groups that are interested in learning more if you contact them.

How to get there? The bus 34 stops almost in front of the museum or you could walk down from the U-1,2,3,8 Dornbusch stop as well as pick up bus 34 here.

Open 9-17:00 and open most holidays except for these: 24, 25, 31. Dec. 2019 &
1. Jan. 2020