Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt

I like the Museum of Modern Art a lot, and when they change exhibitions, I like to go and see what they have done. They first opened in 1991 and the building itself, better known as “the slice of cake” was designed by Viennese architect, Hans Hollein, who won the design competition. With over 4000 sq.m. of exhibition space and 40 different rooms of all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, simply a walk through the building is interesting. The use of lighting, open windows from one room to the next, changing levels and an overlook view makes exploring the museum an adventure.

The museum has a large collection of works that they frequently switch out along with the twice annual change of exhibitions. This keeps everything fresh and allows for a different perspective on the collections. They really work on bridging a connection between everything presented. If you look at their website, they give a really good sampling of the works presented. One of their permanent exhibits though, is by Claes Oldenburg and I always like seeing it again.

The main location is one of the easiest museums to find, as it is almost directly in front of the Kaiserdom and 2 blocks from the Zeil. If you are on the Zeil, walk straight down the street from the white fountain directly to the Dom. Tram 11 or 12 go past it too. Across the street is the 3rd location and on the Wallanlage in the Taunus Turm skyscraper, you will find the 2nd location. It is easy to find as there is a giant, aqua, worm-like sculpture in front of the building.

They have free public tours throughout the day, but they are in German. If you want to arrange a group tour in English, you will need to contact the museum at least 2 weeks ahead of time.
Opening hours: T, Th, Fr, Sat, Sun, 10:00 – 18:00
Wed 10:00 – 20:00
Prices: Combi-Ticket 16 €  gives you entry into all 3 locations.
1st location only, the price is 12 €
2nd location only, the price is 8 €
3rd location only, the price is 6 €
8 €, 6 €, 4 € are the prices for Children, Students, Seniors, Military, Handicapped, Jobless in the 3 locations
Last Saturday of each month entrance is FREE! on SaTOURday.

Dom Strasse 10
(49)(69) 212-30447

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