Neighborhoods of Frankfurt – Bornheim

Just a few blocks from downtown, the inner city, and the Konstablerwache, you run into Bornheim, the Berger Strasse, and the beautiful Bethmann Park. This is a gorgeous spot and people are usually astonished when I bring them to this oasis of calm and beauty set in the middle of the city. Enter the walled Chinese Garden and discover the perfect place to sit and read, take romantic photos, or just enjoy watching the huge fish in the pond or perhaps the ducks, geese, herons, or other waterbirds that live or visit here.

The flower plantings change with the seasons, so spring will look quite different from summer in the park. The park offers a special service: If you have a “sick plant”, you can bring it here to the greenhouse and ask the experts what to do. This building is brand new and fits in quite nicely in the park.

If you walk on through the park, you will find yourself on the “lower” Berger Strasse. This is one of the best and most popular streets in the city, filled with cafes, pubs, unique little stores. The Berger Strasse is true validation that entrepreneurship is alive and well in Frankfurt as so many creative stores and boutiques make their home on this street.

It is nice to occasionally veer off of the main street and explore some of the side streets. Beautiful, turn of the century architecture abounds. I could stroll through here for hours, up one street and down the next, admiring the buildings and the flowers on the balconies.

Ethnic restaurants are easy to find here too: Turkish, Moroccan, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, American, and even Mexican.

If you would like to include a visit to the Berger Strasse & Bornheim on your Private or Layover tour of Frankfurt, please let us know.

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