Frankfurt Neighborhood – Höchst

Höchst is one of the most interesting and oldest of Frankfurt’s’ neighborhoods. Once a small town with a palace and defensive walls, it was annexed onto Frankfurt in 1928. First mentioned in 790, it received town privileges from Emperor Charles the IV in 1355 as well as permission to hold a market every Tuesday. Today, the market still takes place but on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday mornings from 07:00 until 13:00, including a wonderful indoor Market Hall.

Höchst has 2 palaces and a well-preserved Old Town section, filled with about 400 half-timbered (fachwerk) houses built in the 1500s. Because of these houses, Höchst is on the German Half-Timbered Route that runs through all of Germany. One of the prettiest parts of Höchst is walking along the river banks where the Nidda River merges into the Main River. The old defensive walls line the riverbank, boats are anchored along the shore, including a hotel boat, the gardens of the Bolangaro Palace are a delight, and if you go through the small, arched tunnel next to the playground, you will be walking in the dry moat of the Schloss.

Near the Market area is the St. Justinus Church, one of Germanys’ oldest churches. Begun in 830, it was consecrated in 850 and has survived intact through the centuries. The columns in the church that line the nave, are one of a kind and very unique. The opening hours are very limited though due to the Covid restrictions –  Sat. and Sun. from 15:00-17:00. Visit the authentic Antoniter herb garden behind the church to see the herbs the monks used to cure “ergotism or St. Anthonys Fire”. In the summer and during Advent, they offer wonderful organ concerts, so check the website of the church for listings.

At present, the Justinus church is still closed due to the Corona virus restrictions except on weekends.

Another beautiful church to visit in Höchst is St. Josephs. Built in 1909, it is a stunning example of Art Nouveau design and decoration, and they are open every day of the week. The Pieta in the church was created by Caspar Weis, a Frankfurt sculptor who also created the Pieta in the Kaiserdom Baptism Chapel. The Stations of the Cross in St. Josephs, were also created by Caspar. Make sure you look up at the ceiling, as it is gorgeous.

How to get here? Take the S-1, or S-2 to Höchst Bahnhof or you can take the #11 tram from the Hauptbahnhof or Roemer. It is quite a long tram ride, but interesting as it passes through Gallus and Nied. Once you get off, the Alt Stadt is just a few blocks away, simply head towards the river or look for the signs that say Alt Stadt.

Eating in Höchst can be a delightful, culinary journey. Overlooking the Schloss Platz, Zum Baeren, Alte Zollwache, and Zum Schwan, invite you with lots of outdoor seating, or in the winter, cozy rooms, with wonderful, traditional decor. If you are looking for more of a romantic evening, make your reservations at Höchster Genuss Schmiede. You will need to plan a bit though, as they are usually fully booked 2-3 weeks ahead.
Höchster Genuss Schmiede

The rest of Höchst offers many Turkish, Moroccan, Asian, Bulgarian, and Italian restaurants. Fresh fish, wines, deli’s, butchers, bakeries, and cafes await you here, many of them owned and run by the same families over generations. If you like freshly roasted coffee beans, you need go no further than the Bahnhof. Right next to the front entrance is a small store called Italianische Feinkost 2000, offering Italian delicacies and their own roasted coffee.
Alte Münze Höchst Wine Stube

If you have some extra time, consider stopping by the Höchst Porcelain Factory and watch how they create beautiful porcelain pieces from start to finish. Höchst Porcelain is the 2nd oldest porcelain manufacturer in Germany. (no production on weekends or holidays).
Höchst Porcelain Visitor Program

“Frankfurt on Foot” will be happy to show you Höchst on your private or Layover tour. This is one of the best-hidden gems of Frankfurt and we think you will enjoy a visit here.

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