Büdingen, Historic Walled Town

Located a short train ride from Frankfurt, this is the perfect Medieval town to visit. Never bombed and never burned down, Büdingen is an absolute original.

Use http://www.rmv.de to find the train schedule. You will switch trains in Gelnhausen, (take time to visit this town too) but the whole trip takes only an hour. When you get off the train in Büdingen, turn right and walk down this street. This section of town is a little bit nondescript, but with-in just a few blocks you will begin to see half-timbered buildings (fachwerk) with various small businesses in them. All of a sudden, looming up in front of you, is the massive, red, sand-stone Jerusalem Gate and the walls of Büdingen. They stretch out left and right from the gate, and are surrounded by a dry moat. The moat is the location for the tents of the participants for the Medieval Festivals held here each year. Walk through the gate and you are surrounded by one historic building after another. In fact, the entire town inside the walls is made up of these fachwerk buildings. The town is perfect for exploring, so take some time to do so. As you walk around, you will come upon the Market Square with the friendly Tourist Info on the corner. Lots of cozy cafes around here, beckoning to come in and sit for awhile. Try the Hexen Stubb for luscious home made cakes and tortes with a tasty cup of coffee, tea or cocoa. The main part of the Christmas Market is held here. You might want to plan a visit to the 1950’s museum located right across the street from the Tourist Info or to the Heusenstamm Museum, which is free. Lots of very interesting exhibits and friendly staff.

Continue walking through town and you will soon see the Schloss, a beautiful and unusual, 13 sided palace. Still occupied by the noble family for 15 generations, they have turned part of the palace into a hotel. Their chapel is a popular wedding venue.

The scenery around Büdingen is stunning and is ideal for walking around and discovering the beauty of the Vogelwald Mountains, once home to the Celts and the Romans. Near-by Glauberg has the best museum for Celtic artifacts and history.

Multiple fests are held here, with Medieval fests being the most popular. You may get a kick out of the giant ceramic frogs that are on many of the buildings. I am not going to tell you why they are there though, cause then it will ruin your fun of finding out for yourself.

If you are making plans to visit Büdingen to stay overnight, or just a day trip, we highly recommend booking one of the private tours from the Tourist Office. These tours will take you inside the city ramparts, and up onto the top of the guard towers. Unique and memorable, they are very reasonably priced and well worth it.
Büdingen Tourist Info

If you would like to visit Büdingen on a private tour, please let us know. We will be happy to make arrangements to show you this historical town.

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