Activities for Kids in Frankfurt

Hopefully, this post will be useful to anyone traveling with children or if you live here and have children. Some of the activities will depend on the ages of the children naturally. All the links to the various activities and museums are on the “link list” on the right hand side of the page.

The Frankfurt Zoo is popular with children and is quite good for a European zoo. Free for all kids under 18 & open 365 days a year
Experimenta Museum – located at Hamburger Allee 22-24, this is an interactive Science Center for kids
Communication Museum – This is a fairly interactive museum, with postal train wagons to climb in, various workshops to create and build things pertaining to communication and everything about the mail service, phones, radio and TV in Germany. If you go all the way to the top, they often have volunteers in this section showing how ham radios work. Another spot to have a planned birthday party.
Senckenburg Natural History Musuem – Better known as the dinosaur museum, this is hit with young and old.  The Egyptian mummies are quite popular, but the many dino skeletons are the big draw. One floor has row after row of glass cases containing stuffed animals from around the world in imitations of their natural habitat. They always have great changing exhibits too. Major plus is that they are open 365 days a year.
– Bible Museum – This is a very interactive museum that appeals to all ages, adults included. Ground floor is all in English as well as German. They will plan a unique birthday party.
– Film Museum – Simply a very fun museum for everyone
– Architecture Museum – During school vacations, they usually have a huge play area with lego. Check their website to get dates, times, costs. Free for kids under 18
Palmengarten – Besides having all the lovely botanical houses, it also has a couple of great playgrounds, a pond with row boats to rent, and a small train to ride (summer season only) Usually some kind of changing botanical exhibit.  Open 365 days a year.
Verkehrs (Tram) Museum – Lots of old trams to climb on and into. Fun for grownups and for kids. Some of our friends who have gone there with their boys rave about this place. Any budding Casey Jones out there? Only open on Sundays and holidays
Eisporthalle (Ice Skating Rink) – Open through most of the year (but not in the summer), it can be really fun during the winter when they open their huge outdoor ring to skate on. The “Frankfurt Lions” ice hockey team are pretty popular and their games are always exciting events. Teens may like the Ice Disco on selected Sat. nights.
Swimming Pools – Frankfurt has its share of indoor and outdoor pools as well as a great adventure pool, Rebstock Bad. Kids love the wave pool and slides here, and they have a separate small child area.
Lego Store – My Zeil has a great Lego store and they are very welcoming about having children sit there making things as long as the parents are with them. They have extra play tables for this. 

City Forest and Parks – there are dozens of parks all over Frankfurt, but one of the nicest is the City Forest on the Sachsenhausen side of Frankfurt. Fabulous playground here and the Goether Turm is scheduled to open on 12 Oct. Also check out Bethmann Park, Ost Park, Gunthersburg Park. 

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