Liebieghaus – Frankfurt Sculpture Museum

Liebieghaus Museum is located along the river front in one of the most beautiful, old villas of Frankfurt. The villa itself is very large and the whole interior has been restored in a magnificent fashion. The grounds are very lovely and contain a fair number of stone sculptures, making this is a perfect spot to sit and rest or read for a while.

The museum is divided into sections, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman, with a somewhat smaller section in the basement for Asian and a huge section for Western Europe. I was really amazed in the Roman section as they had these pictures done in wax pigments from peoples graves. They were their “death pictures” and I was astounded by how true to life they were. So, not technically sculptures, but still amazing. Anything Egyptian thrills me, so I liked this section too.

Then moving to the other side of the museum, which begins with Gothic art of the Middle Ages and then as you upstairs, changes to Renaissance, Baroque and Rococco. The Middle Ages is almost all church related, but fascinating to see how the styles change. In each room, there was an English description of how and why the style changed, which is very helpful As one moved away from the Middle Ages, other sculpted items became more common and this museum truly has some wonderful examples.

When you go, make sure you go to all the lower levels and then all the way to the top tower. As you climb the spiral staircase, you can view photos from how the rooms and the house looked like in 1905. I really liked this part. The wooden, carved ceilings are gorgeous.

This is an excellent museum to visit on “Night of the Museums” and during the “Museumsufer Fest”, as it isn’t as crowded.

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