Frankfurt Schirn Art Exhibition Hall

The Schirn is one of Germany’s most respected galleries, due to the fact that they have continually changing exhibitions of very high quality & popular artwork. Usually, two different ones that overlap with the times that they are presented. Sometimes it is just one artist and other times a whole genre’, such as Op Art.

If you are planning a trip to Frankfurt, a good idea is to check the Schirn website to see what will be on exhibit there during your visit. They offer guided tours in various languages. Many times a year, they stay open til midnight with casual discussion with students, with a bar and DJ in the foyer. The Schirn is very popular on the “Night of the Museums” held in May, so if you are attending this event, we advise you to get there early.

Opening hours are Tues. Fri. Sat. Sun. 10 – 19:00
Wed. & Thur. 10 – 22:00
Entrance – 10-12 € for each exhibit (this varies with each exhibition and may also be offered in the form of a combination ticket for certain exhibitions)
8 € for students, seniors, handicapped
Free for kids under 8 years
There are lockers for your bags and they will probably ask you to put your bag in one. Put your coat or jacket in there too, as they don’t like you carrying it around.
Cost is 1 euro, but you get it back.

The Schirn is located directly next to the Kaiserdom and Römerplatz. Take the U-4 or U-5 and get off at Dom/Römer stop. With trams #11 or #12 get off at Römer/Paulskirche stop, or you can walk here from the Konstablerwache or Hauptwache stops. Just follow the steeple of the Kaiserdom.

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