Bad Homburg

Bad Homburg is a wealthy community, nestled in the foothills of the Taunus mountains, just 30 minutes North of Frankfurt. Easy to reach by the S-5, this is a town we recommend visiting while staying in Frankfurt.

Bad Homburg has a lovely old town with winding, cobblestone lanes, as well as a wonderful pedestrian shopping street, beautiful hotels, luxurious spas and one of Europe’s’ 1st casinos. (jacket and tie required) The Kur Park that stretches through the town is filled with sculptures, a Thai temple and a Russian chapel.
Blick Achsen

This was once a favorite summer residence of Kaiser Wilhelm and his palace is in pristine condition. Actually the only that is original, as the other ones in Berlin were bombed. Tours are well worth the 4 euro, to get a glimpse of how the royals used to live. Beautiful as well as fascinating decor, with a few surprises here and there. The park that stretches out below the palace is a favorite place for the residents of Bad Homburg to stroll. Palace & Park Information

Next to the Palace, is the Church of the Redeemer or Erlöser Kirche. Finished in 1908 in a Neo-Byzantine style, this church will take your breath away when you walk into the sanctuary. The entire ceiling is gold mosaic! Fit for a Kaiser you might say, and it is often called the Hagia Sophia of Bad Homburg

On the outskirts of Bad Homburg, is the Saalburg. Once a Roman outpost, the Saalburg today is the only reconstructed Roman fort in Germany. Walk the Limes, which earlier marked the Roman Empire boundaries through Germany. Plenty of Roman ruins are scattered around, and the Saalburg itself has some fantastic exhibits as well as a Taberna where you can dine on ancient Roman specialties. They bake some fabulous bread in their ovens too. Take the #5 bus from the Hauptbahnhof to get there. Use to find connection times as this bus only runs once an hour in both directions.

Close to Bad Homburg is Hessen Park, a huge Open Air Museum, where you can see and experience the traditional day-to-day life of old world Germany, with farming, harvesting, soap and candle making, wood-working and black-smithing. Over 100 original, historical buildings are spread out over 150 acres in the park. Hessen Park is also the only open air museum in Germany to have 2 historical Synagogues. Every weekend through-out the year offers some sort of event, market or workshop. This is a great place for kids as well as adults.

We can highly recommend the Christmas Market in Bad Homburg, especially for families as the kids can run around inside the palace courtyard and ride the mini steam train.

Bad Homburg Tourism

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